Empowering Health Through Precision Diagnosis

Clinical and diagnostic processes form the cornerstone of modern healthcare, encompassing a spectrum of techniques and tools that aid in uncovering the mysteries of health and disease. By employing medical tests, imaging technologies, and thorough analyses, these practices enable healthcare professionals to uncover accurate insights, leading to early detection, precise diagnosis, and effective treatment strategies. This dynamic field continually evolves with scientific advances, contributing significantly to improved patient care and the advancement of medical knowledge.

Core Solutions
Phenom ParticleX Battery Desktop SEM
Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope | SEM

A desktop version of the electron microscope, equipped with a simplified user interface and design as compared to the electron microscope.

Life Science and Clinical Microscopy Systems
Life Science and Clinical

An optical instrument that uses a combination of lenses to produce magnified image for life science and clinical applications.

Handheld Raman Spectroscopy

Chemical detection systems based on handheld Raman spectroscopy are ideal tools for analyzing potentially hazardous samples, because unlike other handheld detection techniques, analysis can often be performed though packaging material, without disturbing the sample, which minimizes exposure to the operator. 

Rigaku X-Ray Diffractometers
X-Ray Diffraction

To analyse physical properties such as phase composition, crystal structures and orientation of powder, solid and liquid samples through X-ray diffraction.

Atomic Force Microscopes | AFM
Atomic Force Microscopes | AFM

To obtain high-resolution images to measure and visualise materials at an atomic and nano scale.

Histological Processors
Histological Processing System

To process and prepare a patient's body tissue sample for healthcare professionals to perform medical diagnosis.

ELITech Group Aerospray® TB Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge
Clinical Automated Stainer System

To stain biological specimens, enabling pathologists or other medical specialists to identify the specifications of the respective biological specimens.

PECS II System
Ion Milling for SEM/TEM Samples Preparation

Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques.


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