How do I have a product repaired?2021-08-01T14:10:03+00:00

Have your product serviced with genuine parts by us or bring it in to our service centre. All replacement parts are governed by replacement parts warranty.

Repair process2021-08-01T14:10:30+00:00

All repairs include the checking of all functions and replacement/adjustment of any parts necessary. Products are thoroughly calibrated, cleaned and tested until they meet factory specifications and are certified fully functional. All tools and jigs being used by our service team are being approved by manufacturer.

Repair pricing2021-08-01T14:11:04+00:00

Our Service Representative will provide you with an estimate as well as service options for your repair. Actual repair cost may change after the product is inspected by a technician.

Providing for the safe and dependable operation of your microscope2021-08-01T14:12:10+00:00
Preventive Maintenance Plan A
One time Preventive Maintenance which includes among other functions, inspection of entire instrument, cleaning of all exposed areas, cleaning of lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, minor repairs, adjustment of scope and lamps. Parts not included and only with customer approval.
Preventive Maintenance Plan B
Yearly maintenance contract involving job description as described in Preventive Maintenance Plan A, plus: Complete maintenance for 1 full year, to include interim adjustments and cleaning as needed, and repairs to entire instrument itself. Parts are at additional cost and only with customer approval.
Special Customized Plan
We offers full coverage plans for large organizations. We keep a database for our customers with an inventory of equipment showing location, accessories and history. Call for details. Our technical service team will work with you to meet your needs.
Anti Fungus Treatment
Anti-fungus treatment helps protect optical parts from fungus grow even in high humidity. Anti-Fungus re-treatment service is available, please consult our service engineer for details.

Flexible Service Plans available to suit your maintenance needs.
Detail oriented.
We strive for perfection to get your microscope in top shape.
Real optical equipment service.
We will not try to sell you something you don’t need!

Education and suggestions on use and care. Microscope training classes available at your site.
On-site services nationwide. We bring our service to you.
No packing and shipping!

All Service Engineers are trained by manufacturer-qualified factory engineers.
Emergency service available.
Loaner Sets are available
Technical Support Enquiries2021-08-01T14:12:42+00:00

Thank you for visiting our site. Your questions are important to us. We will make every effort possible to respond to your inquiry in a soonest manner. Please proceed to our “Enquiry Form” page.

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