Reduce Running Costs

Compared with conventional mercury or metal-halide lamps, using an LED lamp as your microscope’s light source saves running costs by not only reducing power consumption (by as much as 80%), but also eliminating the need for lamp replacement.

Typical life comparison:

Light source type Mercury lamps and metal halide lamps LED lamps
Average lifetime 100s to 1000s of hours 50,000 hours and higher

Efficient High-Speed Imaging

LED light sources also improve the efficiency of microscope imaging in terms of speed:

  • They can be turned on and off without using a mechanical shutter, facilitating high-speed imaging.
  • Models with wavelength control can switch to fluorescent light faster than using filter turret rotation, which is an advantage for high-speed applications such as Ca2+ or ratio imaging.
  • Combined with a multiband filter, an LED light source can accelerate multicolor image stitching, improving the efficiency of experiments.

Compatible with cellSens Software

The following LED light sources can be used with Olympus cellSens software:

  • Excelitas
  • CoolLED
  • Lumencor

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