Accurate 3D Cell Analysis Results

NoviSight software’s True 3D technology makes it easier to check the morphology of your samples. Measure a range of spheroid or cell nuclei parameters, including volume and sphericity, and measure and analyze physiologically relevant 3D cell models to speed up your research work.

  • Capture rare cell events
  • Get accurate cell counts
  • Improve detection sensitivity

Fast, Precise Object Detection

The software can analyze objects of interest to provide morphology and spatiotemporal parameters in 3D space.

Detect objects from whole structures to subcellular features and evaluate:

  • Changes in spheroids
  • Cell cytoplasm
  • Nuclei

Works with Many Imaging Techniques

The software is compatible with all Olympus confocal imaging systems. No matter which system you use, the software will quantify and analyze the objects you capture.

  • FV3000: Point scan confocal imaging of biological samples with high flexibility of wavelength, resolution and speed.
  • FVMPE-RS: Two-photon imaging in live tissue / spheroid reveals both detail and dynamics deep within the specimen.
  • IXplore Spin: Fast confocal image acquisition with a large field of view.
  • IXplore SpinSR: Super resolution for live cell imaging with a 120-nanometer resolution.

Ready-to-Use 3D Cell-Based Assays

Reduce Your Assay Development Time

The software comes with a variety of ready-to-use 3D cell assays. Simply choose the assay that suits your experiment and begin analyzing. You can also automate sequential processes for multiple data sets and assays.

Easily Design Assays for Advanced 3D Cell Analysis

If a suitable assay isn’t readily available, you can design your own. Easily create assays for multiwell, multichannel, and time-lapse experiments.

Fast Interactive 3D Cell Analysis

Data and Images Are Always Connected

NoviSight software’s accurate cell detection enables you to graph objects on a scatter plot or histogram. All the data are interactive—display your results in an image gallery, heat map, or table. Clicking a point in any of these display options shows the sample’s corresponding image.

Image and Analyze Inside Spheroids

Treat your spheroids with a clearing reagent, such as Scale-S, and use NoviSight software to analyze information in your 3D sample from deep below the surface.



Image format OIR format, VSI format
Applicable containers Microplate :6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 wells
Save format Dedicated (oxaf), FCS, and CSV
Convertible image format TIFF
Image view 2D view (single/three sides/MIP)
3D view (isosurface/MIP/alpha blend)
Graph view Histogram, scattergram
Analysis/statistics Various morphological measurements, table view, gating, gallery
Options Recognition, measurement, statistics

Equipment required for installation and operation

PC HP Z4G4 or successor model
CPU Intel Xeon CPU W-2123 (3.6 GHz)
Memory 64 GB or more
HDD space 2 TB or more
Graphics board 1920 × 1080 monitor resolution with a 32-bit-video card
Drive DVD-ROM drive
OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for workstations, 64-bit English
.Net framework .NET framework 4.7.0 or later (with Windows 10, as this is pre-installed, it is not necessary to install it with Installer)
Web browser Internet Explorer 11
Monitor 22 inch (55.9 cm)
Network cable Cable applicable to 10GBASE-T


Application Notes