Brightness Equivalent to 150 W Halogen Light Source

Seven high brightness LEDs, each 4.9 W, offer illumination that is higher than a 150 W halogen lamp. The brightness is highly improved compared to its forerunner model, optimizing the LG-LSLED as a standard illumination system for all stereo microscopes. Energy consumption is 80 % lower than conventional halogen light sources, which has the potential for significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Very Low Noise Cooling Fan

A special low noise cooling fan optimizes heat management and minimizes noise and vibration at the microscope frame, allowing more accurate and comfortable routine microscopy.

Continuous Electronic Dimming from Zero to 100 %

The EasyLED series enables smooth and continuous electronic dimming from zero to 100 %. This provides the user with ultimate flexibility and control to adjust the illumination to the exact level required for different specimens.

No Color Temperature Shift on Dimming

Color temperature is maintained when the LED is dimmed to any level, thus enabling consistent observation at the optimum illumination.

Slider for Color Filters

The LG-LSLED incorporates a special slider, which enables use of color and halogen conversion filters for a variety of observational methods and allows simple switching between color and monochrome imaging.

Wide range of suitable light guides

The optical system is optimized for coupling the light into one of many available light guides. Depending on the application different types of flexible light guides, gooseneck light guides, ring lights and light lines might fit best.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 231 x 114 x 137/ 9.1” x 4.5” x 5.4” inch
Weight Approx. 2.45 kg
Operating Voltage, Frequency AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Input Voltage 24 V
Power Consumption max. 37 VA
A Verage LED Life Time 60,000 h
Light Control Electrical