Capture High-Quality Images Quickly and Easily

Smooth, high resolution, and high sensitivity—the DP74 color camera is optimized for microscopic observation.

Excellent Color Fidelity for Most Life Science Stains

The DP74 camera’s multiaxis color reproduction technology adjusts color independently for individual stained samples, providing excellent color fidelity for a wide variety of stains.

Accelerate Your Workflow with the Navigator

Easily pinpoint the area of interest with the position navigator.

  • Identify the position you’re observing within a sample using the map
  • Record images with context information
  • Link micro and macro images

Applied Technology

Capture Fine Details at Low Magnifications

Observe details with 20.7 mega-pixel with pixel shifting technique. 3-CMOS mode provides high resolution details without increasing the file size.

Vivid Fluorescence Images with Reduced Noise

Cooled global shutter CMOS sensor with 5.86um square large pixel size, provides highly sensitive clear fluorescence images with less noise of dark current nor hot pixels.

Fast Frame Rate

Smooth live without distortion to follow quick operation of microscope, thanks to high-grade global shutter CMOS. Dedicated PCIe board realizes 60fps over Full-HD color live image, which other cameras cannot achieve with general USB3.0 interface.

Multiaxis Color Correction for a Variety of Dyes

Using multiple independent coordinate axes, the DP74 camera’s color correction technology achieves excellent color reproduction for a wide range of dyes.

  • Multiaxis color correction means you do not need to change the color mode for each dye
  • Avoid problems experienced with less sophisticated camera technology—color adjustments for one dye no longer affect and displace all the other colors

Super Fluorescence (SFL) Mode Optimizes for Correct Exposure

SFL is the auto exposure function optimized for fluorescence observation, for which usual auto exposure cannot work.

  • Detect only singnal region and set the optimized exposure time for them
  • Background level can be adjusted with black balance feature as well

Avoid Overexposure When Changing Objectives

Changing objectives is easy with the DP74 camera’s smart auto exposure function:

  • Detects when you are changing objectives to maximize the observation speed and comfort, helping prevent whiteout
  • Digital gain maintains smooth live images, even with dim samples

Quantitative Imaging with Linear Mode

DP74 is capable for quantitative imaging with its linear mode, which provides signals proportional to the number of observed photon.

Default Mode
Linear Mode

Focus on Dim Fluorescent Signals with Intelligently Designed Noise Reduction

The multiframe noise reduction (FNR) feature improves image clarity:

  • Automatically suppresses noise on live images caused by stage movements
  • Maintains a fast frame-rate while reducing noise, helping prevent excitation damage to samples