cellSens Packages

cellSens Entry

cellSens Entry is the ideal stepping stone for researchers wanting to move into digital image acquisition and documentation, providing all the tools needed for simple image acquisition.

cellSens Standard

The Olympus cellSens Standard software version builds upon the cellSens Entry package, taking acquisition beyond a single image, with advanced image capture processes (e.g. time lapse) and control of motorized and encoded microscope components.

cellSens Dimension

The most versatile member of the Olympus cellSens family is cellSens Dimension, featuring fully automated image acquisition, powerful analysis tools, and so much more.

Manual Process Edcoded Device Database Client Interactive Measurement

*cellSens Entry is not available in some areas.

5D Experiment Acquisition

Acquire images in five dimensions using tools, like the Graphic Experiment Manager (GEM) and Well Navigator that help you visualize your data acquisition in a user-friendly way.

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Image Processing and Sharing

Reveal the true data in your images with TruSight deconvolution and other image processing techniques. Easily share your results with others using Conference Mode or drag and drop data into preconfigured reports.

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Powerful Analysis Tools

Dynamically work with your images to extract the most data for the reliable experimental results. The software’s deep-learning technology (TruAI) offers improved segmentation analysis. Use the Macro Manager to automate entire workflows all the way through image analysis and saving.

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Customizable User Interface

Choose a recommended layout for image acquisition and analysis or create your own using the My Functions tool set.

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cellSens Functions and Optional Solutions

Dimension Standard Entry
Layout User experience customization
View Overlay multiple images
Document groups for side-by-side image comparison
Movie playback
Tile view (multiple images in a single data set shown side-by-side)
Slice view for orthogonal plane viewing of 3D or time-lapse data sets
Voxel viewer for isosurface and volumetric rendering of 3D and 4D data sets
Image Acquisition Snap/movie acquisition
Time-lapse at specified interval
Automated multiwavelength
Multidimensional (XYZT and wavelength)
Graphical Experiment Manager
Manual panoramic imaging (Instant MIA and Manual MIA) Manual Process Manual Process
Multiposition visitation and stage navigator Multiposition Multiposition
Automated panoramic imaging (auto MIA, requires motorized stage) Multiposition Multiposition
Instantly create EFI image (manual or motorized Z) Manual Process Manual Process
Simultaneous multicolor Imaging (requires two identical cameras** or image splitter)
Live deblurring
High dynamic range imaging (HDRI)
Multiwell plate acquisition Well plate navigator and Multiposition
Image Processing Geometry/combine/filter processing
Fluorescence unmixing
Brightfield unmixing Count & Measure
Deblurring (No/Nearest Neighbor, Wiener Filter)
2D deconvolution
3D deconvolution (constrained iterative deconvolution with GPU process) CI Deconvolution
Image Analysis Region and line measurements
Phase analysis
Object analysis and classification Count & Measure Count & Measure
Interactive measurement ✓*
Intensity plot over time/z
Object counting (manual)
Object tracking Tracking and Count & Measure
Online ratio and kinetics Ratio/FRET
Ratio analysis (offline)
FRET analysis Ratio/FRET or Life Science Analysis
FRAP analysis Photo Manipulation or Life Science Analysis
Cell count and confluency measurements Confluency Checker
Deep Learning Training of Neural Networks Deep Learning Deep Learning
Inference using trained Neural Networks (offline/online) Deep Learning or Count & Measure Deep Learning or Count & Measure
Documentation and Collaboration Automatically compose MS Word reports
Database image and data management solution for microscopy Database Core Database Core
Open database and load records/documents from database Database Client Database Client Database Client
Remoting Remote live image viewing NetCam NetCam
* Three points angle, four points angle, arbitrary line, closed polygon, polyline and perpendicular line only. Interactive measurement option is needed to add other measurement tools and make exporting Excel spreadsheets possible. ** Supported cameras: iXon Ultra 897, Zyla 5.5 (USB 3.0), Zyla 4.2 (USB 3.0/CamLink), Neo, iXon Ultra 888, ImagEM X2, ORCA-Flash 4.0 (V2/V3), Prime 95B, Prime BSI, Sona4.2B-11, ORCA Fusion, ORCS-Fusion BT

Products with Confirmed Functionality

Dimension Standard Entry
Olympus Camera DP22, DP23, DP27, DP28, DP73, DP74, DP80, XM10, XC10, XC30, XC50, UC30, UC50, UC90, LC20, LC30, SC30, SC50, SC100, SC180
Micoscope BX43, BX53, BX63, BX61, BX61WI, IX83, IX73, IX81, SZX16A
Peripherals BX-DSU, IX3-DSU, IX3-ZDC, IX3-ZDC2, IX2-DSU, IX2-ZDC, IX2ZDC2, U-CBF, cellTIRF (multiline, single line), MT20, USB-ODB converter, Real Time Controller (U-RTC and U-RTCE), U-FCB, U-STC
Motorized XY Stage BX3-SSU, IX3-SSU Multiposition Multiposition
Light Source U-LGPS
Hamamatsu Camera ORCA R2, ORCA-Flash 2.8, ImagEMX2, ORCA-Flash 4.0 V2, ORCA-Flash 4.0 V3, ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT, ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT PLUS, ORCA-Fusion, ORCA-Fusion BT
Image Splitter W-View Gemini
Q-Imaging Camera Retiga 6000
Photometrics Camera CoolSNAP HQ2, Prime (PCI-Express), Prime 95B, Prime BSI, Moment
Image Splitter Dual View DV2 / QuadView QV2
Andor Camera iXon X3 897, iXon Ultra 897, iXon Ultra 888, iXon Life 888, iXon Life 897, Sona4.2B-11,Zyla4.2/Zyla4.2 PLUS (Camera-link,USB3.0), Zyla5.5 (Camera-link 10tap,USB3.0), Neo5.5
Vincent Associates Shutter Uniblitz shutter (VCM-D1, VMM-D1, VMM-D3)
CoolLED Light Source pE-1, pE-2, pE-4000, pE-340fura
pE-300white, pE-300ultra,
Excelitas Light Source X-Cite 120 PC, X-Cite exacte, X-Cite110LED, X-Cite120LED, X-Cite XYLIS, X-Cite TURBO
Lumencor Light Source SOLA SEII, SEII 365, Spectra X
Sutter Light Source Lambda DG4
Shutter, FW Lambda 10-3/10-B
Prior Motorized XY Stage ProScan III, Optiscan III Multiposition
Shutter, FW, Z-drive ProScan (I, II, III) , Optiscan III
Piezo Z (Control via Real Time Controller) NanoScanZ NZ100
Ludl Motorized XY Stage Mac 6000 Multiposition
Shutter, FW, Z-drive Mac 6000