New hardware support

  • Hamamatsu: ORCA-Fusion Scientific CMOS camera
  • CoolLED: pE-300white, pE-300ultra, pE-340fula LED light source
  • Andor: Sona 4.2B-11 Scientific CMOS camera

New function/improvement

  • Support of Hamamatsu ORCA-spark CMOS camera by cellSens Standard
  • Improvement of automated MIA
    • Acquisition of multi-color overview image
    • Define MIA area by polygon
    • Background color selection
  • Manual selection of Extract Best Focus (Custom Selection mode)
  • Improvement of Line Profile
    • Polyline and Free hand
    • Multiple line in one image
  • Zoom function in Tile View mode
  • Improvement of calculation algorithm of 3D deconvolution