New hardware support

  • Photometrics: Prime BSI Scientific CMOS camera
  • Excelitas: X-Cite XYLIS LED light source
  • Andor: iXon Life EMCCD camera

New function/improvement

  • Support of multi camera mode by Prime 95B
  • Dedicated CI deconvolution mode for FV3000
  • Multichannel overview image
  • Synchronization of shutter in Live and Snapshot to minimize phototoxicity
  • Support of SFL mode in Observation method
  • Improvement of Count and Measure
    • Connect objects which were detected as different ones
    • Minimize time of “Export to Excel (spreadsheet)” by data selection
  • Execution of macro for pixel shift correction in FV3000
  • Improvement of Tile View
    • Save movie
  • Synchronization multiple images
  • Showing Scale Bar/Info stamp/Color Bar
  • Edit number of column and row