New hardware support

  • Hamamatsu ORCA FLASH LT PLUS

Product portfolio changes

  • High-end Camera is eliminated and integrated into Dimension
  • High-end Device is eliminated and integrated into Dimension
  • Multi-Color Acquisition is eliminated and integrated into Standard
  • Three New Solutions for Entry
    •  Manual Process: Enable manual MIA and manual EFI
    •  Encoded: Enable control of encoded devices
    •  Interactive Measurement: Enable exporting measurement result to Excel

New function/improvement

  • GPU processing for CI deconvolution
  • Support of Position Group properties for automatic naming/saving
  • Improvements to Export Image dialog including; Marge Channel, Burn in Info and Split Channels
  • Save as OIR format
  • Import OME tiff format image
  • Batch conversion
  • Adjust print resolution (PPI) of images
  • Execute macro for Shading correction in FV3000
  • Select All detected objects in Count and Measure
  • EFI command in Experiment manager
  • Hide alert when manual device is changed